Latest shoot - Southern Co-operative

A recent shoot for the Southern Co-operative annual review involved shooting at a variety of locations reflecting the range of services offered by the Co-op - from portraits of the Chief Exec to local egg supplier and funeral services, it made for a couple of interesting days shooting. A few of the images are shown below.

Starting at the local crematorium provided some useful images but the image below was a little more quirky and off brand - it will not end up being used but I kind of liked it none the less.


Claytons Eggs, Romsey

Amy, Co-op trainee, West Wittering

Portraits of the Chief Exec and Chairman were to be used as simple cut outs in the review so were shot against a plain wall.  I always feel it's better to over deliver so took the option of shooting another very quick set up only feet away from the first.  With nothing more than a quick shift of a lighting stand we could shoot a totally different image and provide the client with another option even though it wasn't part of the brief.  The selection below show the original image shot against plain wall - the second option against the window and then the cut out on white as the images will probably appear in the final review.