Image of the day


I'm currently on a job in Scotland that will last up to a couple of weeks.  Not a lot of images with me, just what I've got on my laptop desktop and nothing much I can show from the job at the moment.  I thought I'd take the opportunity over the next few days  to share a  couple of images taken over the last couple of years..

This shot was taken in the back streets of Addis Ababa.  I was there with writer and photographer Stuart Butler and through one of his contacts we ended up spending the evening with Teddy Yo and his crew at a tiny portrait photo studio in the middle of no where.  Having shot a series of portraits we ended up out in the street with an old Citroen van as a prop - lighting was achieved with a couple of speedlights in small softboxes  in addition to the lights of our car parked up the road and acting as fill.