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Subsistence fishing - Lagos

Life for a lot of people in Nigeria is difficult - no, let me re-phrase that, it's very difficult. In the port of Apapa - across the water from the bustling city of Lagos - fishermen in tiny leaking boats cobbled together from hardwood planks, tin sheet and anything else that will keep out the water fish for whatever they can catch.  Dwarfed by the rusting hulls of large commercial trawlers from far away countries that long ago hauled their last nets, a fisherman slowly works his way along the quayside line fishing for anything he can catch - two small fish is all he had to show for the morning.

As a documentary photographer these are the sort of places and stories I'm drawn to - juxtapositions of ideas, places and lifestyles, the tiny precarious leaking fishing boat next to the huge rusting trawlers and the messages that could be symbolised by the positioning of one next to the other.

Nigeria fishing

Millions of people around the world live this hand to mouth existence, I've seen fishermen exactly the same as this in just about every single African country I've visited -  doing the only thing they know in order to put something on the plate.  It seems fishing is a tough way to make a living pretty much everywhere you go.