I spent a day last week shooting surfboard fins for a client's product catalogue.  Surfboard fins - like surfboards - are a thing of beauty, particularly if like me you are a surfer.  Usually I'm more of a documentary photographer or spend my time shooting travel or environmental portraits -   but it's always interesting to branch out and do things that might be a little different or present a new challenge.

And so to the fins... translucent, opaque, colourful, reflective and detailed.  I set up a white background scoop and lit it to produce an even toned white background..  The fins themselves were placed on a large sheet of 4mm clear acrylic sheet elevated away from the background to give separation.  The fins were lit with a large soft box and assorted flags and reflectors were used to fill in the light.  With hindsight there were a few things I might have done differently - tiny areas of reflection that could have been eliminated that will look fine when printed, but I will always know they are there.