Iphone images as Stock photos

Stock picture agency Alamy have fairly recently announced their new smart phone App aimed at those of us shooting images on our Iphones.  The app - called STOCKIMO - allows anyone with both an Iphone and an Alamy account to upload images direct from their phone onto the Alamy site.  So all those amazing images we shoot with our Iphones now have route to market with Alamy.

STOCKIMO works like this...  You shoot an image. You think hey that's a great shot, someone must be able to use that in an advert or an article.  Load the app on your phone and upload the image to Alamy adding caption and keywords as you go and that's it..  The images are then reviewed by a number of editors and rated out of 4..  As long as the image has an average rating of mare than 2 then it's accepted and joins the millions of other images on sale with Alamy.

These were the first few images of mine to go up - I guess they take a couple of minutes each to caption and keyword properly. At the moment there is no facility or procedure to batch upload/caption/keyword or upload from anything other than Iphone or Ipad which makes the process a bit long winded.  Great for doing the odd image here and there as you shoot but for uploading your back catalogue, hmmm that might take a bit of time.

Alamy is also an enormous library so chances of getting your images seen is pretty low but nevertheless worth a go if you've got nothing else to do on a long journey or whilst bored in the dentists reception.  I know I will be slowly loading up images one by one for a while - I might not get rich doing it but at least those lovely vibrant images get to see the light of day.