Making the most of an opportunity

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Sometime as a photographer things happen very quickly and often you need to decide whether there is something in front of you that is worth photographing or not - will it make a good picture, or an interesting picture - or perhaps one that tells a story you are interested in telling?  Sometimes it's as simple as a young girl on her way to school with an umbrella in hand on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere.

On this particular day I'd already been driving for several hours through the Western Highlands of Ethiopia and to be honest by this stage was looking for an opportunity to stop and stretch my legs - a toilet stop is always the most obvious excuse but in this instance the sight of the young girl with matching clothes and umbrella were the perfect reason.

Having persuaded the girl to allow me to shoot a couple of frames we were then rapidly joined by a quickly growing group of her school friends who having seen the image on the back of the camera were all keen to be photographed as well.  What followed was an exercise in patience - what you can't see in the images are the 25 or so other kids who all wanted to be in every shot and lined up forming a tight human corridor between me and the subject.  I shot a single frame of each kid at 200mm in order to avoid the sea of encroaching faces.

Individually none of the images are great but together (and as a little reminder of a fun half an hour with some friendly kids) they work quite well.