The Box set


One thing I become slightly obsessed with from time to time is the power and impact of sets of images  Mundane objects that if individually photographed and presented as a lone image may have no impact - when shown as a set however the objects may take on a sense of importance and relevance in relation to the others in the group.  The recent post "Boys Toys" is another example of this.

For example: Take a single picture of a teacup or a kettle and it's probably just a dull image of a teacup or a kettle - take a set of pictures of teacups whilst traveling around Kenya though and you might show something more than just a set of cups - it might display poverty or a sense of pride, it might show fashion, it might be a reflection of taste or at worst it will just be an interesting bunch of images.

This set came from the Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides.  I loved the way there were bright red post boxes located in what seemed like the remotest of locations - all obviously situated carefully to most effectively serve the local community.  But in an area where there are so few houses there is frequently no central village location in which to place the box so they end up in beautiful remote locations seemingly miles from the nearest croft.  Driving around the island we came across many of these and it soon became an obsession to photograph each one that was passed.

Shot on Iphone using the Hipstamatic app.

Polaroid portraits

filmportraits-2A series of portraits from the Maha Kumbh Mela earlier this year - Exported from Lightroom to my Iphone and then processed in phone....  Gimmicky it may be but somehow the subject lends itself to something a bit retro.  Of course I could have shot it all on polaroid or film in the first place but just imagine the hassle of doing that.  So now we shoot on high end digital, degrade the image, stick a border round it to make it look retro and hey presto we have an interesting image.  It's odd that with all this technology our aim is sometimes to end up with something that looks as if we had none of the technology at all.  My latest camera actually has built in filters that give the impression of a plastic toy camera - where will it all end?

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If you go down to the woods today..

It's a rare thing for me to photograph much other than people but I took the opportunity to go down to the woods very briefly this morning to shoot some spring flowers as they are so glorious at the moment.

Rather than pick the plants I chose to shoot in-situ lit against an illuminated white background.  The results were not bad for a first attempt - I'm going to refine the setup a little before trying this again and I'll post a behind the scenes shot to show how it was achieved.  For the moment though here is the first of perhaps many - who knows.