Fin(e) Art Project

I'm currently shooting a series of surfboard fins for a UK distributor.  At this stage its mainly pack shots for brochures but we are looking to possibly produce a series of prints showing the beauty of the surfboard fin in all it's various incarnations.

I've made a large plywood box - painted white on the inside - as a kind of lightbox in order to provide backlighting to the fins.  A couple of Canon Speedlights have been double diffused by layers of white sailcloth kindly donated  by Dave at Dynamic Sails  while the fins themselves rest on a sheet of clear acrylic sheet. Additional variously diffused speedlights have been used to light from above.

These are the first few, shot to check the lighting setup and overall I'm pretty pleased with the results.  With possibly dozens to shoot in many varied colors and shapes I think they will make an interesting set in the same way as the recent Box Set and Boys Toys posts.  Additionally in due course we are looking to produce beautiful intricate designs from the fins as pieces of wall art.

Sunday Times travel

Nice little double page spread in the Sunday Times travel section yesterday thanks to Axiom/Getty.  Shot several years ago on the North coast of Cornwall with the daughter of good friends who was then aged about 4.  I was surfing with her again just a few days ago - now aged 11 and now consistently catching green waves and still as stoked about it as she was then.  I wish I'd had my camera with me again this time..