festival of speed

What goes up, must come down. Timelapse.

Every year at the Goodwood Festival of Speed an enormous sculpture is erected just in front of Goodwood house itself.  Since 1997 the sculpture has been designed by renowned installation artist Gerry Judah and over the years it has developed into one of the most eye-catching and iconic aspects of the event.

In 2015 the sculpture was a celebration of Mazda cars and was topped by two of their most impressive cars - the rotary engine 787B Le Mans racer (the only Japanese car to take outright victory at Le Mans) and the LM55 Vision Gran Turismo concept car.

The sculpture was made up of 720 individual spiraling beams that form a tower, topped with the two cars.

Last year I was commissioned to document the removal of the sculpture after the event.  The task took place over the space of several days and resulted in about 15,000 images being shot in order to produce the following time lapse.  Editing the images into a record of the event was not part of the brief so whilst the client may have done this themselves I never saw the end result.  Coming across the images last week whilst archiving I decided to do a quick edit and this is the result.

Music from www.Art-list.io

Festival of Speed x Timelapse

The annual Goodwood Festival of Speed is a petrol head's wet dream - a place where old meets new, two wheels meet four and all manner of weird and wonderful sit side by side with legends of the motor world.  The central attraction of the event is the legendary hill climb where vehicles of all sorts hare up the legendary course - whether you're there to see F1 race cars, rally cars or something that looks as if it was built by for the Wacky Races there will be something there for everyone.

Luckily I'm based very close to Goodwood and if I'm around at the time of the event I get media accreditation for look for ideas of something to shoot.

This year the weather was not as good as it could have been for some of the event - 4WD cars (no manufacturers mentioned) could not get around their 'off road' courses due to having the wrong tyres - beautifully dressed women in high heels could be seen tottering through the ankle deep mud while men in sharp suits and city shoes skittered through the muddy paddocks... But then there were the cars...  Regardless of the weather the cars are a feast for the eyes - and for that matter the ears..

My idea this year was to shoot timelapse of the event so that's what I did - though having started I soon realised my error in as much as the fact that fast moving cars do not make for great timelapse subjects - now you see it, now you don't..  Even when shooting at 1 second intervals as I was doing you are luck if you get a car staying in frame for much more than one frame unless you shoot straight up or down the track and get the cars coming towards or away - and this is not easy.

Shot on Canon 5D mklll using Radian 2 motion timelapse controller from Alpine Labs