Faces of India. One light portraits.

Photography is a fantastic reason to meet and interact with people wherever you are and whether you are shooting professionally or just for fun.  This set of portraits were a series shot in North Eastern India a couple of years ago.  The setup could not have been simpler but the results are clean and simple and uncluttered by distractions that feature in so many images.

Lighting is via a single Canon Speedlight held with a Westcott double fold white umbrella in my left hand.  Flash synch is either via a coiled ETTL cable or via an STE-2 IR flash transmitter - these have both since been replaced by a wireless transmitter that seems to work seemlessly and without issue.  The key here for me is speed, simplicity and size - the ability to be ready to shoot in a matter of seconds with small effective lighting in whatever setting I might find myself in - not the most complex lighting by any means but well suited to lightweight travel situations.